Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Weak Week

The thrift wells seem to have run dry in the past week or so. While I haven't had any luck at the thrifts, I've also had no luck getting a break from schoolwork and hence the recent lack of posts. However, I turned up a few pieces last month that I never got around to posting.

The pima cotton polo on the left is rather standard, but I was pleasantly surprised with the Black Watch pattern of the rugby. Though I'm not a fan of the over-sized labeling, this rugby will be a fine piece to wear for sport.

This cotton crewneck is in excellent condition but too stretched to wear as is. I've washed it once already, but next time I'll be drying on high heat to restore original form and fit.

The pink oxford, second to its white counterpart, is essential to any wardrobe. Fortunately, somebody was ready to pass these two on to the thrift shop for me to find.

I'm always happy to find non-silk (and of course non-polyester) ties. These are all composed cotton and/or linen, and are perfect for the season.

Though the photo doesn't clearly show it, the Briar tie has the look and feel of raw silk.

These silk ties are incredibly well made and the first two from the left are reminiscent of Target's new Liberty of London series.

You're likely familiar with Damon. However, the other two from Robert Talbott were sold at Schwabe May and Kelley's, the two finest men's stores in my city. Schwabe May recently closed its doors after more than one hundred years, and Kelley's still exists as the only local men's shop after more than seventy years existence.

Just start walking. But keep talking.


  1. The rugby is nice even with the logo. As you say just the thing to wear when you're roughing it up. Keep up the school work.

  2. Just think before you know it break will be here for you. Nice finds.

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I have made a change on the comments, like you suggested.

    I had a RL sweater just like that before I moved from the UK ... I donated it to the nearest charity shop. It was a great sweater but not something that I wore regularly because I prefer thinner sweaters.

  4. Thank you, gentlemen.

    Thornproof - I've added you to my blog roll, as well.

  5. I must agree with James and Brian, good job keep it up.

  6. Bumby - Thank you! I've added the Preppy Chronicles to my blog roll.