Wednesday, April 21, 2010

To Be Continued

For months, I've been in the process of moving to a new home. My house burned down last May and since that time my mother, my dog and I have been living with my grandmother. At that time, I lost pretty much everything I own except for some clothing. In the near-year that I've been staying at my grandmother's, I've built back up my wardrobe but much of it is still in limbo. I began living at my new home only Saturday, so I'm yet to set up an internet connection there and am temporarily forced to write from school. My blogging will be limited for awhile, but the situation made me think of ADG's post on what one would carry out of the house in case of fire or if deserted on an island.

One book: The Count of Monte Cristo
One article of clothing: Polo French-rib Blue Grass Heather Hoodie
One pair of shoes: Polo Ranger Boots

What would you take?

Live frugally. Imagine extravagantly.


  1. Hey Scott, sorry to hear that rather sad story. Hope you didn´t loose too much memorable can always be replaced, other memories can´t...

    Anyhow, to answer your question:

    - timberland boat shoes
    - oxford button down shirt
    - if on a warm island: chinos
    - if on a cold island: cord trousers

  2. Hey Scott,

    Glad to hear you're recovering well from what many would consider an absolute disaster. I couldn't imagine losing all of my possessions in one fell swoop, however, on the bright side it reminds us what is really important in life and allows you to get a spectacular new wardrobe!

    I've lost many things over the years and learned not to assign too much emotional value to particular objects. I would grab my phone and my laptop because without them I wouldn't be able to do any business.

  3. I wish you well in your new home. As for thing I would grab it would have to be pictures and the blanket my son had as an infant. While I can replace everything else the memories lost would be the hardest to get over.

  4. Dang, that's a terrible thing to go through. Seems like you've taken it in stride; certainly better than I know I would have.

    If ever faced with the situation (and making sure the obvious of my wife and dogs being safe) and had the chance to grab one of each thing, it would be:

    Article of clothing: LL Bean Chinos (hey, they're versatile)
    Shoes: Vintage wingtips (not stodgy at all, I can run in them if need be)
    Book: Carl Sagan - The Varieties of Scientific Experience
    Album: Steve Reich - Music for 18 Musicians

  5. Gents, thanks for your support.

    Spoozy - I think I'd take my favorite cords, too.

    Edmond - I don't know how I missed that.

    David - I hope you're doing well and can't wait to see some new posts!

    Brian - I was fortunate to save the blanket I've had since birth. I can't go without it.

    Mister - Great album choice. I'd certainly be tempted to take my favorite Allen Edmonds wingtips.

  6. Good luck with your move. If my building was burning I would grab my boyfriend, dog, laptop, duffle coat and boots. Assuming no time to spare. Safety first!

  7. Justin - Thanks for your feedback. I've added My Blue Blazer to my blog roll. Great site!