Friday, April 16, 2010

Lands' Endeed

I've read the thoughts of plenty of bloggers on Lands' End and its validity as a traditional company. Sure, Lands' End doesn't produce the same landmark products for which L.L. Bean is known. Sure, it's suddenly trendy among the hipsters and Americana crowds to shop Lands' End Canvas, but the quality, price points and product variety of the original line are unquestionable.

When not browsing the thrift shops, I occasionally check out the Lands' End website and always end up quite happily surprised. The benefit of shopping Lands' End is the incredible value to come out of the site's countless sale items. Also, you can get just about anything monogrammed for around five dollars. I planned to display some of the items, but I can't seem to get a single image up. Instead, I'll give you a rundown of some of the best pieces.

Before buying Barbour, Orvis or Woolrich, look at this.
Authentic Field Coat - $59.99

Luxury meets practicality.
Button-front Shawl Collar Cotton Linen Cardigan - $34.99

I've never seen a mix of gingham and tattersall like on these few.
Original Oxford Shirt - $24.99-$36.00

The same goes for these.
Paintbrush Dress Shirt - $29.99-$39.50

These too.
Traditional Paintsbrush Shirt $16.99

Yes, and these.
Twill Highlander Shirt - $19.99

This is an essential all-seasons tie.
Silk Knit Birdseye Tie - $19.99

I can't go without some tartan.
Tartan Tie - $19.99

Surcingle in wool? I'll take two.
Wool Surcingle Belt - $19.99

Supima/pima is essential for spring/summer.
Supima Cotton V-neck - $24.99-$39.50

Shop for value. Value the shop.


  1. Let us not forget that in spite of increasingly trendy excesses, Lands' End still offers the ultimate classic necktie:

  2. I have some spread collar dress shirts I got from them years ago that are holding up better then anything I ever got from Brooks or Ralph Lauren.

  3. At the risk of sounding grumpy, I will make the observation that Lands End quality has suffered from somewhat poorer quality and more limited choice ever since it was acquired by Sears. That said, I still do enjoy shopping there, as the clothing is attractive, traditional and well priced.

  4. Old School - Certainly. I have it as a bow tie in navy.

    Brian - You know me. I'll always go to Ralph first on eBay or the thrifts, but Lands' End definitely serves classic taste on limited budget.

    Ari - Thanks for your feedback and for pointing out the Sears acquisition. Now you just have to look more carefully for the quality items.