Friday, April 2, 2010

Fit to Be Tied

At a thrift shop where I seem to never find decent ties, I came upon the following bundle today. It seems many, if not all, of these were donated by the same person, though I've never seen such a diverse selection of ties (other than my own, of course).

The first group are of quality silk from supposed Italian designers.

These are all Robert Talbott, and the paisley on the left is one of the best ties I've found.

Here's a random assortment from traditional tie makers.

I'm always up for interesting wool and cotton ties like these.

Of course, I was quite happy with two Polo ties.

A Brooks tie is always a nice surprise as well.

However, these pieces by Aquascutum really shocked me. The formerly traditional British company produces nothing I particularly like or can afford, but I'm certainly intrigued by such classic elegance.

Fool for the sun. Shed warmth on everyone.


  1. Wow, some of them do have quite mean designs...others are great, though.

    Good thrift, Scott!