Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tied Off

To make up for my lengthy post on sewing and such, I've posted the newest ties in my collection, purchased between last Saturday and today. I've had my various collections of toys and such over the years, but now - ties. Though moved on from the Transformers and sports cards of my childhood, I don't think I'll be moving on from these any time soon. The thrift shops here sell ties for no more than a dollar and after a long drought, I seem to be getting luckier with every stop-in.

My rules for tie shopping are as follows - no polyester, no stains, no rips. Some of the greatest designers had periods of polyester production, but there are always better pieces to be found in silk. Though I prefer to not buy stained or ripped ties, I don't mind wrinkles. Most wrinkled ties can be straightened if left hanging or, if necessary, slightly stretched and pressed in a heavy book.

The nautical tie on the left is one of my all-time favorites. The tie on the right is a brilliant paisley which, though without a label, I believe to be Paul Stuart.

Here are four by the brothers o' Brooks.

I finally came upon my first silk knit tie (on the left). The other three are wool and cotton.

Wear a tie. Wear it well.


  1. May you wear all of them in good health!

  2. Or, if you prefer, you could pay $75 for that BB navy tie with the red stripe!

  3. Dutch Uncle - Thank you!

    OCBD - This is exactly why I stick to the thrifts. These ties cost a total of $23.