Monday, March 29, 2010

Sporting My Style

It's always better to be overdressed than underdressed for an occasion. I certainly have more sport coats than I need at the moment, as I have few occasions to wear them outside of church. However, I'll likely be entering the job market in the next year and need to be prepared for any occasion. I'm among those to despise the relaxation of business attire across the country. Though I'll be entering a creative industry where dress standards have been down for years, I still plan to look my best in no less than sport coats and ties. I picked up these pieces on my last thrift excursion, each under seven dollars.

This lightweight wool jacket is versatile enough for year-round use.

This silk jacket has the wintry appeal of tweed with the weight of linen.

A camel hair jacket is a rare thrift find and essential luxury for cold weather.

Another lightweight wool, in an amazing light gray plaid, works throughout the year.

I'm calling this my challenge-jacket. Its light blue color, wide lapels and brass buttons are straight from the '70s, but I'll make it work with a switch to marbled-white-bone buttons and bold colors for the corresponding outfit to make this piece a spring and summer staple.

Suit yourself. Really, learn how to suit yourself.


  1. Damn Scott, i wish i´d be able to turn up such great finds in my local thrift shops...congrats on your catches, and i am really looking forward to see them worn with ties and shirts :)

  2. Spoozy - This is only the second time I've found so many sport coats at once, and I'll be displaying one of them in my next post.

    Main - Thank you!