Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Saturday's Searches

Yes, I know. I have an incredible amount of Polo. However, it's usually the only quality brand I find at the thrifts. I took a weekend trip to visit friends and family, and of course I hit up all the thrift shops at my destination. After visiting four thrift shops, I found over fifty pieces by Polo and only eight by Brooks Brothers. I bought almost twenty items between the two. Truly everything else was of poor quality.

Good - essentially neutral wardrobe staples.

Better - a Brooks Brothers polo and three American-made Ralph polos.

Even better - two Easter-minded polos and pima cotton in the center.

Best - three long-sleeve polos and a cotton crewneck sweater in the center.

Best...est? - a cotton-linen vest, Black Watch button-down, and lambswool sweater

Look longingly. Search steadfastly.


  1. Vov! as we Turks say.

    (Because there's no "w" in our alphabet).

  2. Whoa, you've hit the proverbial jackpot! I don't think I've ever seen that much polo at the thrifts.

    That blackwatch shirt is a gem too, not many of them still floating around.

  3. I love anything in Black Watch tartan. In the past few months I've found also found a slightly different button-down by Polo, a Polo Golf polo, and a very old Chaps windbreaker. Even the comforter on my bed and the tablecloth over my desk are Black Watch.