Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Photo Shootout

This is my 25th post, and I'm surprised it's come so quickly. Instead of focusing on my achievements so far, I'm continuing with my advertising spread. However, I'm proud that today's photos truly capture my style. I hope you enjoy viewing the photos as much as I enjoyed putting the outfits together and shooting them. I'll reveal the final ad draft tomorrow. Thank you for your readership and support!

Dress for the occasion. But dress with timelessness.


  1. Well Scott, the pictures are great and Billy is able to shoot some very arrogant looks at us, but wtf??? The jacket is one mean beast! You know me, i love colours, but that´s even too much for me :)

    The second one is great, i love the colour combination and the pocket square.

  2. The first jacket is certainly colorful, but I found it recently at a thrift shop and thought it would be the perfect attention-grabbing piece for the shoot. It captures my style, but I'd have to be feeling quite bold to wear it. The second look is more so the type of outfit I'd wear from any day from fall to early spring.

  3. "Dress with timelessness".

    Liked that!

  4. The first and last photos are amazing. That last outfit is one of the most original yet classic outfits I've seen in years. The whole project looks to be going extremely well!

    Be sure to let us see the final ads!

  5. David - The last photo was certainly my favorite of the entire shoot (including the 40+ photos I didn't post on here). I was afraid the polo would look out of place, but I feel it ended up being reminiscent of an ascot.

    I'm still working on the single-shot ads, but the final compilation ad will be up today.

  6. Agreed on the last outfit being the best. The shot with the native grass in the background and the isolated torso/head shot is very classic. The green in the pocket handkerchief gives it a nice hint of spring, even with the overcast sky.