Monday, March 8, 2010

Corduroy Discord

Several days ago I decided to try out my newest arrival, Ralph's Princeton Corduroy Sport Coat. I stick to the thrifts for nearly all my shopping, but of course certain pieces just aren't to be had so conveniently. I've been longing for a corduroy coat for quite some time, and I happened to find this one hidden in an old link on the Polo site, not displayed on the main sport coat page. I received matching pants of Mohican Brown and 10-wale for Christmas, meaning I now have my first corduroy suit.

Originally listed at $315, I found this coat at under $150. This is the most I've spent on a single piece of clothing, by far, but it's proven to be worth every cent. I've never found a coat that fits so well off-the-rack. The leather elbow patches are smooth and well-stitched, and the braided leather sleeve buttons actually work. I always prefer a two-button jacket, but the 3/2 roll here works perfectly for me, and it makes sense to have the option for that extra button to be better covered in colder weather. I don't have much time left to wear it this season, but it will be the first thing out of the closet when the temperature drops in September.

This wool, reversible windowpane/glen plaid scarf also came from Ralph's winter clearance.

Here's a better view of both sides. Several people asked me if I was wearing two scarves this day - not so much.

The braided leather buttons (and patch pockets) absolutely make this jacket.

One friend called this my "English professor" look. I take that as a compliment.

Here's a better look. The blue houndstooth shirt, yellow paisley tie and red cable knit vest are all Polo thrift/eBay finds.

Away with the past. Today with the world.


  1. Damn it, you lucky bastard! Don´t mean any offense, i´m just jealous on your thrifting skills :)

    I really like thrift shopping as well, but sometimes you just can´t resist temptation and have to buy something new, which means never worn by anyone else before...

    And hell yeah, you know how to combine things...great outfit.

  2. Thanks so much for the support! Words like that really inspire me to keep on writing!

  3. Classic Curricular TradMarch 8, 2010 at 11:27 PM

    The days when English professors knew how to dress that well are long gone; most would do well to take lessons from you.

  4. Thank you, CCT. I must say, I don't entirely mind how my professors dress as long they hold a high level of professionalism and teach well. Two of my last three English professors were a hippie and a biker, respectively. However, my latest professor fit the mold perfectly - tweed with leather elbow patches every class, pocket square included.

  5. "Scott Alexander" is a Lebanese name?

  6. It's incredibly rare that you should find a jacket and pants that match, especially those of a corduroy persuasion where differences abound. I like how the colors draw attention to the outfit, but how you're then left to revel in the awesomeness of that jacket.

    That scarf is also something else, Glen Check AND windowpane? That gets my vote for hands down the best scarf ever.

  7. Anon - Alexander's the name of my great grandfather who came from Lebanon a century ago. Besides, I've never said Alexander's my last name.

    David - Thank you so much for the great feedback!

  8. Definitely the English Prof look ... looks like a great coat. I have to agree that Cord Coats are wonderful winter attire ... to bad that mine did not get a lot of usage this last winter (too much travel and too few cold spells when I had to leave the house).