Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thrift Finds and Style Truth

Eight thrift shops exist within a twenty minute drive from my house. I'm grateful to have so many places to visit, but it's not often that I find more than an item or two. Yesterday, I was happy to find myself limiting my selections. I came upon ten pieces by Polo - the sweater and polos pictured below but also two button-downs and three more polos.

It's easy to go ahead and purchase every item that looks good or somewhat fits. But the ability to thrift well links directly to one's ability to manage personal style. Obviously, style isn't about the money put into a wardrobe. I've found wonderful items under five dollars at the thrifts.

Most importantly, style is about quality and proportion. I passed on the other five items I found because, though made by Polo, these pieces were too worn out and stretched out. Most men think they know their sizes, and that sizing is the same for any brand.

Even superstores like Walmart install fitting rooms for good reason. Style (though quality is lacking here) begins with proper proportion, and most men are long overdue for a visit to the fitting room, whether at Goodwill or Neiman-Marcus!

Sweater: french-rib half-zip Polo ($2.99)

Shirts: s/s Polo ($10.76/4)

Grand Total: $13.75


  1. Great finds! Is there a polo store just donating tons of clothes near you? I never see that much Ralphie on the rack.

    Good call on the fitting room, really. I know too many people who buy without trying on only to find out the item doesn't fit. A mirror isn't for vanity, it's to see things you might not otherwise notice!

  2. Actually, aside from Marshalls and TJ Maxx, Macy's and a local menswear store are the only Polo retailers around. It's quite rare that I find so many Polo items at once, especially in my size. I do, however, find Polo at a much higher frequency than Brooks Brothers and Lacoste, simply because they're not sold around here.

    With thrifting for Polo, I've always got to hit the fitting room, because Polo fit has varied so greatly over the years.

  3. Couldn't agree more on the fit of Polo changing over the years. i spend the weekend after birthday's and holidays returning for smaller or larger sizes. Great finds. I'm especially found of that sweater.