Saturday, February 6, 2010

More for the Money

I've continued to be very fortunate in my thrift store finds this past week. Two stops at less visited locales provided another few pieces to my collection of polos. As always, patience is key to thrifting. Beyond this, I've realized a number of methods to always finding the hidden gems on the next rack over.

Most of the thrift stores I visit sort by color, not size. This makes me look even more thoroughly through absurd pieces of polyester and acrylic to find the thing for me. When I happen to find a classic item, more often than not, a few more are waiting to be discovered. It seems when people donate things like Polo and Brooks, they clean out their closets for the tax write-off. Also, most thrift stores have far more items in stock than displayed on the floor, and items donated at the same time don't always make the floor at the same time. For example, I'm almost positive the two groups of polos I've found in the past two weeks were donated by the same person, making it worth the effort to return to a store soon after a good find.

Here's my haul from Thursday.

Sweater: green cotton Polo ($2.99)

Shirts: Brooks Brothers, Polo ($16.14/6)

Tie: silk Jacobs Roberts Ltd. ($0.99)
Tie: cotton seersucker Polo ($0.99)

Sweater: pima cotton Polo ($2.99)

Grant Total $24.10


  1. So glad you mentioned the tax write off. When I first started thrifting my daughters would say" ugh dead guy clothes" the majority of items are as you say cleaning out the closet.

  2. If you are into Ralphie, I hope you have good luck finding the vintage stuff (i.e., made in USA). He made great clothes back in the 80s.

    I added you to my links on LeDandy. Happy Thrifting.

  3. James - I've also received some criticism for the sources of my thrifted items. But fortunately, the quality items are generally kept in the best condition, making the purchase more justified.

    Alan - Funny you mention the American-made items, when I found a polo this past Thursday. The quality was excellent but unfortunately, the proportions were off. The American-made sweaters I've found in the past have been perfect though.

  4. I have a Jacobs Roberts tie as well, their paisley is really unmatched in my opinion.

  5. David - The tie's overall quality is fantastic. Do you know anything about the company? All I've been able to find is that they used to be available at Nordstrom.

  6. That's all I've found as well, but I definitely snatch up their ties when I see them at the thrift.

  7. Jacobs Roberts did allot of private label ties. I first encountered them in the early 90's and have seen their ties with a varity of independent store labels.
    They did a nice REPP/ Regimentals/school ties.