Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fresh from the Spring

Traditional menswear continues to hit the runways of numerous designers for the Spring/Summer season. The winter weather is finally getting to me after so many snowstorms and near-literal street fights with black ice. I've been in duffel coat, shetland wool and cavalry twill every day, so I'm certainly ready for springtime to come. Several of my perspective pick-ups are seen below.

Madras and seersucker can hinge on costume if not complimented well, but I enjoy these pieces individually.

Seersucker, like madras, is great in moderation. A double-breasted seersucker blazer? Not happening. Though, these pants are a deep enough madras to wear into fall.

These yellow pants are just the right, bright update for the season.

The words Easter elegance come to mind.

I've never seen tweed with such soft yet refined appeal. I just found a similar silk cable knit sweater on eBay.

This Nantucket red cotton jacket is soon to be my go-to item for the months ahead. I'll be saving up for this one, but it will be worth every penny. Warm weather is no reason to take a style hiatus.

Photos: courtesy of Polo Ralph Lauren


  1. Excellent styles for sure. Especially the outfits with the yellow pants and pink shorts, as they are well balanced by muted pieces, but still have a good amount of pop. These pictures all have me thinking Easter as well.

  2. I just found a great single-breasted khaki/tan seersucker blazer from last summer's line. Can't wait to bring it out.