Saturday, February 27, 2010

Comfort and Motivation

It's been more than a week since my last post and to my few frequent readers, I apologize. I'm so grateful for the small following I've already built, and I hope that following grows into the future. School has been overwhelming lately and I've had to set my priorities accordingly.

Though I don't support this entire look (nothing formal about shorts), I am the proud owner of the shawl-collar sweater featured here. I just placed mine in storage, hence the runway shot. This wonderful piece came out from Ralph in fall 2008 and entered my wardrobe as a Christmas present. Everybody has his or her favorite, cozy sweater for those cold, dismal days. This is mine. What's yours?

Don't preach. Teach.

Photo: courtesy of Polo Ralph Lauren


  1. Yes school first always! And good luck with your studies. I have an old LL Bean shawl collar that I want to be buried in.

  2. I second James school should always come first. While I don't wish to be buried in it I also have an old LL Bean Shaw. Hope you get to enjoy that great college past time of partying this weekend.

  3. Thanks for the sentiments, gentlemen. I'm currently working on a mock Polo campaign for my advertising class, so I've uncovered plenty of Ralph archives, from which I happened to find this photo.