Thursday, January 28, 2010

Winter at Bay for a Second Day

Another sunny day brought about any brightly dressed day. I utilized two of my most recent eBay finds, which I'll be discussing in my upcoming posts. Today marked only the fourth time I've worn a bow tie out and about since my early youth, when my parents dressed me the way I prefer to dress now.

The classics never go out of style. Then again, style never goes out of style.

Hat: Merona ($5.49)
Shirt: Polo ($12.00)
Sweater: silk Polo ($10.00)
Bow Tie: cotton Brooks Brothers ($22.50)

Grand Total: $49.99


  1. I love you.
    This is Eli... by the way. YAY!

  2. little too "costume-y" - I'd tone the whole look down a bit.

  3. Thanks for the criticism, but this isn't a costume for me. This is simply how I like to dress. Though I rarely wear a bow tie, I feel very comfortable in this look.