Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Few Reliables and a Few Surprises

I had some extra time before class today to hit the two big thrift shops in town. They're usually good for a couple ties and polos, as seen below. However, today I was excited to find two red/navy striped bow ties. Given the rarity of finding a bow tie around here, I couldn't resist. These seem to be at least thirty years old, but what I'm more struck by is how narrow these things are - less than an inch wide. After looking at photo archives I can't find a single bow tie quite like these. Any ideas on the era? I've always preferred butterfly style, but I can't wait to try these out!

Average find...
Shirt: l/s Polo ($2.99)
Shirt: s/s Polo ($2.69)

Good find...
Sweater: lambswool Polo ($2.00)

Great find...
Pocket Square: Japanese silk, hand-rolled ($0.25)
Pocket Square: Japanese silk, hand-rolled ($0.25)

Simply Surprising find...
Tie: New England Collection ($1.00)
Tie: Churchill Collection ($1.00)
Bow Tie: London Beau ($1.00)
Bow Tie: London Beau ($1.00)

Grand Total: $12.18


  1. Bowties are always incredibly difficult to come by, I'd say that by finding two you hit it big!

    Those polo lambswool sweaters are perfect, I much prefer it to cashmere. I like how it's just ever so slightly rough, yet still soft enough to not irritate you.

  2. The lambswool sweaters are perfect for the cold weather here. The have such a classic appeal. I have an orange v-neck that I wear all the time.