Monday, February 1, 2010

Fair Day, Fair Isle

The crazy weather continues. Yesterday brought several inches of snow and ice, but today I awoke to wonderful sunlight and blue sky. I've found that I'm always more inspired to dress well in such weather. Does anyone else do the same? Therefore, as my friends put it, I "went British" today. Though I didn't put much thought into this look, there was probably some subconscious inspiration from the D of W. I finally started reading Flusser's Dressing the Man, and it might as well be a sartorial memoir to the Windsor Warrior.

I'm always up for the challenge of pattern mixing. This outfit made me realize I'm in desperate need of a plain or herringbone driver's cap.

The shirt and sweater vest are Polo. The tie has no brand tag, but materials tag reads "Ancient Madder Handmade All Silk, G. J. AHN." British, eh? I looked up the RN number, which turned up the name Glengyle Mfg. Co. Another search turned up no results on the maker of this great tie. Has anyone heard of this company?

These are my go-to brogues. I love my array of Allen Edmonds, but these Aldens are the gem of my collection. I've found only three pairs of Aldens in thrifting. Though this is the only pair that fit, this is hopefully the only pair I'll ever need.


  1. I love jumpers like that. They seem to me to be the kind of thing that every thrift store ought to be full of, and yet they never are!
    Hackett do two different styles a bit like yours, which I'm keen on, although they're not especially cheap.

  2. I have a pair of AE tasseled loafers I found thrifting that are my go to "dress-causal" shoe. Like your look,and agree a brown herringbone cap would top it off nicely.

  3. Anything Fair Isle is great in my book, but with that shirt and tie combo you really upped the ante. Well done!!!

  4. Jake - All of my fair isle comes from Polo. I've found most of it very affordable on eBay because most people aren't willing to try such patterns. You're on my blog list now! Great site!

    Beth Dunn - Thank you! Your page is wonderful! I've just added it to my Inspiration list.

    James, Brian - Thank you, gentlemen! This has been one of my favorite looks lately.