Friday, January 29, 2010

A Bow Tie in Every Home, Around Every Neck

In my two years of thrifting, I've become quite a collector of classic ties. If nothing else, I can walk out of a thrift shop with a couple of great ties. However, I've found only five bow ties in this time and none of them completely fit my style. For Christmas, I decided to treat myself to the cotton Brooks tie pictured below, as well as one with pink/white stripes.

While these two are great, I've more recently discovered the Cordial Churchman. I'll soon be placing my first order for these incredible, hand-made bow ties. Selections range from silk to cotton to wool in fabric, and from butterfly to straight to diamond point in shape. Also, custom orders may be placed for special styles and sizes. Aside from a great and ever-changing collection, each piece is a remarkable $23.00! Check it out and show your support!

Also, please support Ellie LaVeer Stager, the creater of these amazing ties who has her own blog!

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