Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back to the Routine

Thanks for the great feedback from my first post! I'm hoping to have photos up soon, but I'm still working out details of my new camera. School started again Monday and life will only get more busy.

In my thrifting travels this week, I found a red Ralphie polo ($2.69) and a blue/yellow striped Lacoste polo ($2.69). I recognize that Rene Lacoste modernized the true polo shirt as a tennis shirt and that Ralph made the garment the icon it is today. However, when it comes to classic style, I see any Polo piece as far more traditional than the modernized Lacoste lines.

Aside from the polos, I came upon a brown/gray two-button Brigadier suit ($5.00). The pants are a little snug for now, but the coat looks great. I also found a totally new navy three-button jacket by Loriano ($5.49). I've never heard of the brand and I generally hate a three-button stance, but the silk weave is beautiful and reminiscent of corduroy. Actually, I wore it yesterday with my navy Polo cords and several people thought I had on a suit.

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