Saturday, January 30, 2010

All for eBay

Though some would dispute the validity of eBay as a thrift source and therefore stay away from it, I find it an excellent place for the items I can never otherwise attain.

These are my eBay rules. I'll only buy from a reputable seller who verifies item authenticity, and I'll only by an item listed at least seventy-five percent off of retail price (including shipping). Otherwise, I might as well stick to shopping only clearance sales. Like with thrifting, patience is key. The best items are worth waiting for to find at incredibly reasonable prices.

This one day winning haul saved me over a thousand dollars, getting all nine pieces for just over the price of one. Again, eBay's not so bad.

Shirts: button-down Polo ($90.00/6)

Sweater: silk Polo ($13.00)
Sweater: silk Polo ($10.00)
Sweater: pima cotton Polo ($21.00)

Grand Total: $124.00


  1. What a bargain!!! Is that second shirt a glenn plaid or does my monitor just suck?

  2. You're monitor's just fine. The second shirt is glen plaid, and the fourth one also has a somewhat glen plaid pattern. I can never find a glen plaid suit in my size or price range, but I've found several wonderful glen plaid Polo button-downs on eBay.

  3. Those are something else, incredible garments for sure. It's like you got the better part of a polo spring/summer look is just one go.

    Glad to see you found some cable knits, so true to the name!

  4. I've come to love cable knits over past the year, having amassed quite a collection in cotton, silk and wool. I find them so much more appealing than basic crew-necks. You just gave me a great idea for a post!