Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Shetland Sweaters

We all know of the great Shaggy Dog Shetland sweaters made by J. Press, as well as huge variety made by O'Connell's. However, I don't have that sort of budget and am simply not a fan such heavy sweaters. Sure, I have plenty of sweaters but only around ten percent of them are wool. The rest are cotton, linen, and/or silk.

Rugby's currently offering a set of Shetland sweaters in a couple basic colors as well as the more vibrant ones I've shown here. First, the bad. These are marketed as Shetland sweaters, but who knows where they were actually made? If lucky, the wool is real Shetland wool but probably knitted in China.

The good. The leather elbow patches and shaggy feel (like J. Press) are pretty nice. The fit is rather trim compared to the other two brands (if you like that sort of thing). If you don't mind country of origin, the last thing to really consider is price. These are currently on sale $69.99, around half the price of J. Press or O'Connell's. While those might be worth the long term investment, these Rugby sweaters might last just as long for the first time Shetland buyer, especially given the elbow patches (which would receive the most wear).

Of course, if you're looking for a true deal then I suggest the land of eBay. Happy holidays!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rugby Pieced Tartan

Several posts back, I found myself showing off Polo's pieced tartan shirt for boys. Now the big boys get to own one by Rugby. I generally like the combination here except for the pocket which sticks out horribly.

I even think the tattersall collar is a nice touch.

Not a bad view from the back. But still, that pocket just ruins it for me.

Would you wear this thing?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rugby Tartan

While I'm in favor of bold and bright colors through summer, I tend to like more subtle touches in my winter wardrobe. These basic tartan shirts have one detail I just love - the collars. Sure, a totally superfluous addition, but something to appreciate that will earn a second glance.

In other news, thanks to MisterMidwester and his StyleShare. I'll have photos of my newly acquired ties soon, and I'll also be posting my own items to give away.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winter Accessories

I've been preparing for my final exams and haven't had time to do any photo uploads, so here's a look at a couple wish list items from Polo.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Purple and Yellow Panache

I live on the east coast. However, thanks to my father, I'm a Minnesota Vikings fan. Thanks to my uncle, I'm a Los Angeles Lakers fan. So, I've always had a love for purple and yellow. After checking out David's post recently, I stumbled upon this image through Prepidemic. Were I an older gentleman with the panache to sport velvet slippers about, this look wouldn't be so intimidating. Yet, it is awe-inspiring and one of my CEY outfits. Country club, Easter, Yacht.

For now I'll settle with my bright red cords which I promise to soon post. My final days as an undergraduate occur this week. The commencement is Sunday. I'll be wearing a cap and gown but need the perfect outfit for after the ceremony. Any ideas?

Also, my thanks go out once again to my readers and especially my handful of loyal commenters. You make this blog worth writing and continue to inspire me each day.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Banana Republic

Yes, Banana Republic. The land of overpriced, under-styled apparel has come out with two pieces that (while still overpriced) would be fine additions to my wardrobe. First up is this plaid double-breasted overcoat. The vertical stripes are rather subtle, which I really like because the more prominent stripes (like rugby stripes) have a rustic, sporty appeal.

When I see the coat from behind I think of Gangs of New York instead, of course without the dandy frills and top hat.

Marled wool. Shawl collar. Toggle closure. Yes, please.

What's your favorite piece from a brand you don't normally shop?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Pieced Tartan

Early in the year I posted about a Polo pieced tattersall shirt. This time around, I've discovered a very interesting pieced tartan shirt. Unfortunately, I found it in the Boys' section while shopping for my cousin and I'm yet to see it available for men.

My favorite detail is the contrasting cuff interior which matches up the body.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Seasonal Inspiration

Many of my style ideas come from the blogs I read every day. A single item or entire outfit might inspire my own combinations. I tend to archive my favorite looks to review when in need of inspiration. Here are some of my latest finds, thanks to Mister Mort and Street FSN.

Though it's hard to pull off black and tan/brown, I think it's done really well here.

This trim corduroy jacket is an essential piece to the classic fall wardrobe.

This look feels so cool and comfortable. Just a great photo, too.

This outfit's so simple and breezy. Almost has me wishing for summer.

Quite rakish. I'd switch to some flashy socks and monk straps.

I'm really enjoying the contrast between the shirt stripe and waistcoat/pant stripe.

Which of these looks inspires you the most?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Simple Traditions

I purchased this cotton twill sport coat at my store's final summer clearance in October. Though I've moved on to tweeds for the winter, this thing was perfect for the warm days and cool evenings through last month. Oh, and it cost me only $25. The Black Watch tie was an amazing eBay find for about $5, made in Scotland of Shetland wool.

The shirt and sweater are my most recent purchases, 75% off at Dillards on Black Friday. There's nothing like the classic pair of an oxford and crewneck sweater. Though pretty much every sweater of mine is a pima cotton v-neck or cotton cable knit (hence the blog title), I'm really enjoying my latest addition. The stitching is reminiscent of a sweatshirt, but its light weight makes it perfect for most of the year. Yet again I've forgotten a photo of my pants - classic Levi's 501's with rolled cuffs. These were paired with brown Johnston and Murphy tassel loafers (no socks).

What's your favorite traditional look?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Bow Ties

I just picked up an incredible deal on Gilt, the designer discount web store. This Pierrepont Hicks bow tie, retailing for $85, was listed at $38. While I'd never drop that much on a single tie, I noticed something of a Christmas gift from Gilt in my inbox this morning - a $30 coupon. I ended up spending only $8 plus $7.95 shipping for a not so grand total of $15.95.

I had been looking for something like this for awhile, as all my bow ties have either repp stripes or foulard prints. This green, brown, blue, red and orange bow tie will go with pretty much anything and features a nice silk/linen/wool blend.

My local men's shop sells its house bow ties for at least $50. Not for me. Fortunately, Countess Mara at Macy's has been selling bow ties a couple months now. Though the regular price is around $40, I nabbed these at $15 a piece on Black Friday.

My other Black Friday acquisition was a new camera, which means I'll be back with many more photos of my own apparel. Below are two odd photos with my camera's color sampling feature. Kind of interesting, right? Thank you, Canon Powershot.

What's your favorite bow tie?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Take on Tartan

My wish list continues with these sweaters. The first piece here is quite nice, but just not my style.

When winter comes and it's normal to dawn dull earth tones, I opt for interesting plaids and tartans with dashes of yellows and reds, like seen below. The coordination here is excellent. The yellow stripe of the cardigan goes with the cords, and the small plaid of the shirt works with the much larger tartan of the cardigan.

You can see the quality in this sweater when comparing collar to body and body to shoulder seams. The patterns line up perfectly.

While the previous sweater is beyond my budget, this cotton fleece is just the thing for me. At $89.50, it's relatively reasonable. Featuring my favorite tartan, I could see myself sporting this sweater practically every day. For once I might forgo the wait for clearance and snatch this up in time for Christmas... maybe in time for this weekend.

What's your favorite piece of plaid? What's your take on tartan?

Monday, November 29, 2010


I planned to post photos of my red cords I wore on Thanksgiving, but I've been having camera trouble. Instead, enjoy a full spectrum of corduroy colors from Polo. I receive a lot of feedback on my favoritism of Polo but I've never worn more luxurious, comfortable, durable cords than Ralph's.

It takes some confidence to wear red cords, sure. Going the next level and wearing bright orange just might be beyond me.

This intarsia sweater appears to have a shawl collar, but it's actually a hood. Can't get much cozier than this warm and festive piece of nostalgia.

Some of my favorite looks are simple ones like this. The soft tones are incredibly elegant and understated.

I might be able to wear this toggle cardigan only four months a year, but it's almost worth the investment. I say almost only because I, as a college student, can't justify spending all my cash on one piece. However, these green cords might be coming home soon.

I've already got my navy cords, but what catches my attention yet again here is the sweater. Heavy, thick-knit sweaters have been popular the last few winters, but this relatively lightweight aran sweater is a quite versatile layering piece.

What's your favorite pair of cords and how do you outfit them? Any color that's too bold for you?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Grand Concourse

Nothing speaks of a grand dining experience like the Grand Concourse in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I've heard incredible things about this place and plan to visit during my winter break.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

To Buy or Not to Buy

I'm feeling festive and considering these Polo loafers. Original price is $89.99 and they're on sale around $50. Should I go for both, just one, or pass entirely?

The next three pairs are out of consideration thanks to prices above $400. However, these beautiful shoes are made in America and feature some special styling and craftsmanship.

Golden brown wingtips are always on my wish list. I have a pair from Allen Edmonds I picked up from a thrift shop last year. Though in excellent condition, they're slightly small and quite uncomfortable after a few hours.

Plaid strapped loafers - something anybody should want. Maybe I could get a cobbler to create something similar with my existing loafers? It's the only way I'll be getting close to this design.