Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Not-Elephant's Trunk

My dad kept his foot locker from the Marines and used it as a coffee table through much of my youth. So, I grew up with a fondness for the truly utilitarian yet beautiful, beat-up piece of storage. These days when I'm thrifting, I keep watch for something like my dad's trunk. Though I've not been so lucky as to find a piece like the one shown above, I thought it was worth sharing. The patina of the brass and leather, the rich green and orange woods are awe-inspiring, somehow reminiscent of a well-loved Wagoneer.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Finally Fall

Thank you, Mother Nature! It's time for layering, time for quilted jackets over cashmere cable knits over plaid flannels. Well, okay. Maybe it's not that cold yet, but holy ****, how I love this autumn weather. If anything's going to get me back into a steady stream of blogging, it's sharing with you all the goods being churned out this season by Polo and other faves. But before I proceed with what I like, I have to share this... thing.

Come on, Polo! This desolate photo of grey on grey is the header to your Style Guide? And what style is present here? A double-breasted-camel-coat-and-sockless-tennis-shoe-wearing-Jeff-Spicoli-wannabe-skateboarder? Whew...

Oh! And that style of skateboard has gotta be older than the model! Is that Polo's trademark aspirational and vintage aesthetic at work? No. Oh, no.

In conclusion... yay! Fall!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Crazy For This Psycho Bunny

A few weeks back, I was contacted by Psycho Bunny about reviewing one of their ties. Never heard of Psycho Bunny? I've been a fan for quite some time. For several years, I've seen athletes and celebs on TV repping the unique bunny and crossbones logo. Mostly known for their classic but fun ties, Psycho Bunny offers a full array of quality menswear and accessories. 

When offered this awesome opportunity, I was immediately drawn to this bright. pink. paisley.

Do I love pink? Yep.
Paisley? Always.

Easy choice, though the Hibiscus Tie was oh so tempting.

So, my tie came in the mail a few days ago. Along with a kind note and logo decals, the tie itself was well packaged in not only a plastic sleeve but a reusable tie travel bag. I quickly put on my pleasant piece of pink and paisley perfection (please pardon the alliteration) and headed out for the day.

To knot or not to knot... or unknot... or... whatever.

That night, I carefully unknotted the tie to see how it held up. Quality fabric and construction are evident in a tie when it easily returns to form at the end of the day. And? No creases or loose threads here. The silk is quite sumptuous and the colors are just as vibrant as they appear. Another positive about this tie's construction - it was hand made here in this good ol' country between Canadia and Meh-he-co.

The price? Ah, the price. You, my dearestest readers know 99% of my tie collection comes from the thrift shops 'o the world. However, you also know that I'm prone to splurging a few times a year on ties that I simply must own. Even without the offer from Psycho Bunny, I think this $100 tie would have found its way home to me. So, hop on over (hop... like a rabbit... I know) to Psycho Bunny and enjoy the goods.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

From the Greenbrier Bathroom Collection

A few months back I visited the Greenbrier Resort, here in West Virginia. Even the bathrooms impressed me. Antique menswear ads and Vanity Fair prints were to be found across the premises. Over a series of posts, I'll be sharing a number of my snapshots.